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Ethical Sourcing

Known as KPCS, the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme is a joint initiative of governments, organizations in the diamond industry, and private companies to assure a legitimate and ethical diamond pipeline. Created in 2003, together with the Clean Diamond Trade Act that was put into effect in the same year, the KPCS became the foundation for a total conflict-free diamond market spanning the globe. There are currently 54 members of the Kimberley Process from 81 countries, including the EU, which is represented as a single unified member. Members of the KP now constitute 99.8% of global rough diamond production.

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Since 31st December 2002, the diamond industry implemented a ‘guarantee’ system of transparency featuring invoices that cover rough diamond, polished diamond, and diamond jewelry sales. Any rough diamonds or finished diamond products made from rough diamonds after that date must comply with the invoicing system in order to attain the KPCS warranty. As part of our commitment to an ethical diamond market, SDE Group partners only with diamond suppliers that are in compliance with the KPCS warranty.

For customers of SDE Group, every diamond purchase comes with the assurance that it was procured from legitimate and conflict free sources. The company takes every step necessary to ensure that our inventory includes no diamonds mined in war zones or from unethical supply chains.

Diamond Manufacturing

SDE Group is a producer and exporter of gem quality diamonds in all sizes, with buyers located all over the world. Our global reach enables us to supply a wide inventory of high-quality diamonds to retailers and clients wherever they are located. In addition to one of the industry’s largest inventories of loose diamonds, covering a wide range of cuts, sizes, and colors, our deep expertise in manufacturing and commitment to quality ensures that our global clientele is served to their highest level of satisfaction.

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Sourced exclusively with the Kimberley Process protocols, SDE Group only works with the highest quality, ethically sourced rough diamonds, however the expertise and brilliance does not stop there. Our advanced, precise manufacturing transforms the rough diamond’s potential into a finely finished polished stone of utmost value and beauty.

There is no compromising on diamond cut, and at SDE Group, our expert team assesses each rough diamond intricately to identify the best possible cut and extract the maximum yield and visual beauty. This process considers not just the cut, but weight, clarity, and light performance of the unique polished result. From planning to cutting and polishing, SDE Group works at the highest detail necessary to create the most beautiful polished diamonds, and deliver them worldwide to clientele, on demand.

Loose diamonds crafted by SDE Group come with lab gradings from GIA, IGI and HRD. These world-renowned diamond labs assure the quality parameters, and the authenticity of our natural diamonds.

Discover the varied, beautiful, quality polished diamond inventory that you’ll only find at SDE Group.

White Diamond

Diamond is the hardest material on earth, yet also the most beautiful and desirable. For centuries, people all over the world have been drawn to the incredible fire, sparkle, and brilliance that are evident in high quality, well cut white diamonds.

At SDE Group, we carry a significant inventory of more than 100,000 white diamonds in a wide range of sizes, cuts, and quality, from premium to affordable, from as small as 10 pt to over 10 ct. No matter your needs and customer demands, you will find the ideal white diamonds at SDE Group.

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SDE Group operates a global network of manufacturing facilities and offices, giving you access to a vast, high-quality inventory of SDE Group natural white diamonds, serving the world’s leading and largest retailers. Enjoy overnight shipping, or priority shipping for international orders, so your perfect diamonds can arrive in a fast and timely manner

Looking for a particular type of loose white diamond? Click here to explore SDE inventory. Every SDE diamond is conflict-free, Kimberley Process compliant, and comes with GIA, IGI or HRD certification.

Refine your search for white diamond by filtering for weight, shape, cut, clarity, fluorescence, symmetry, and more. View images of specific stones, and see the certifications as you inspect, for ultimate assurance of quality and authenticity.

Need assistance for white diamond search and purchasing? Contact your SDE expert.

Wholesale Diamonds

Wholesale diamond purchasing can be a tricky business. But for clients of SDE Group, every purchase comes with assurance of experience and quality. At SDE Group, our long-standing reputation and expertise in every aspect of diamonds and the diamond pipeline makes the company the preferred choice for wholesale diamond buyers worldwide.

For online purchases of wholesale diamonds or in-store sales, it is essential to only buy certified stones. SDE Group inventory comes with GIA, HRD and IGI certification to ensure the highest standards of quality and authenticity for your peace of mind. Always purchase from a dealer you can trust, and this is even more critical when considering online sourcing of wholesale diamonds. It is not just about quality but also the assurance of excellent customer service and getting the best deal possible.

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In addition, it is essential to view the diamonds yourself, to verify the product you are considering and to know exactly what you are paying for. At SDE Group, ask to view the lab certification and images of nearly all diamonds in our inventory. What’s more, there is no such thing as an unnecessary question. As the buyer, you want to assure yourself that you are acquiring the best possible diamond at the best value for money. Make sure to ask any questions you need to get the information you want.

Most importantly, make sure to get educated about diamonds, the diamond supply chain, and the various sizes, shapes, and types of wholesale diamonds available. This way, you’ll be able to identify and purchase the best inventory for your needs and budget.

For more information, visit our online education center or contact an SDE Group representative.